Same-Day Appointments Available – We have same-day appointments available for sick patients. If you need a same-day appointment please call the office directly, availability is limited. Our schedulers will be happy to help schedule an appointment time for your child.

24-hour answering service – Our 24-hour answering service is available to patients and families who need assistance after hours. This service is available as a courtesy 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. One of our pediatricians will return your call promptly and advise you on how to proceed.

Lab and Radiology referrals – We offer lab and radiology referrals to patients in need of diagnostic testing and medical imaging. Our offices are located within minutes of several diagnostic labs and medical imaging facilities.

Referral Requests for Specialists – We honor requests for referrals to see medical specialists. We have relationships with many specializing physicians in Orlando and Kissimmee and would be happy to refer you to any one of them.

Prescription Refills – We fulfill prescription refill requests for patients with approval from their primary pediatrician. We make every effort to complete these requests quickly to prevent interruption to patient medication schedules.


School Sports and Camp Physicals – Physicals to fulfill the requirements for school sports or camps are one of our specialties. We complete a thorough check-up and physical exam and accurately fill out any forms required by the school or camp program.

Physicals and Blue and Yellow Forms – We have blue and yellow forms available for school enrollment requirements. If your child is in need of these forms, please inform our scheduler when making your child’s appointment or the receptionist when checking-in for your child’s appointment so we may have them ready when you leave. For your convenience you may also request Blue & Yellow Forms online.

Nutrition and Weight Loss Consultation – In an effort to emphasize the importance of preventative care our pediatricians are available for nutrition and exercise consultation to help patients find strategies to live well and eat healthy. Your pediatrician will discuss several topics with you including exercise requirements, creating a balanced diet, getting adequate rest and drinking adequate amounts of water. Call your local office to find out more information.

Diabetes Counseling and Management – Type I and Type II Diabetes can be challenging conditions for patients and their families. Our physicians are happy to offer their consultation on strategies to manage the condition, keep children healthy and active and find support groups.

Seasonal Flu Vaccine – We receive an allotment of seasonal flu vaccine every year and we set aside specific days purely for flu shot administration. We will be notifying parents when we expect to receive our shipment and the specific dates and times when they will be administered to patients by posting signs at all of our locations, on our website and sending out a notifications to subscribers of our E-Newsletter.

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